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for actors!

Audition coaching, career planning and self-tapping services.

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My name is Taissa Zveiter and I'm a working actor in Los Angeles!

You might have seen me in shows like The Morning Show on AppleTV,  Quantum Leap on NBC, Pam & Tommy on Hulu, 9-1-1 on FOX and many other TV shows, films, and commercials. I've shared the screen with Greta Lee, Miles Teller, Giovanni Ribisi, Paul Ben-Victor, and plenty of other great artists. I'm a trained actor in the Meisner technique, and have studied at some of LA top acting studios with some amazing teachers like: Margie Haber, Anthony Meindl, Annie Grindlay, and Wendy Davis.

Why coach with me? Well... I've been there, done that...

With years of acting classes in LA and my experience working as a professional actor on set, I know what works. I love helping my fellow actors. So let me share my knowledge with you: get your foot in the door, up-level your career, deliver a great tape, or just find ways to make your working actor life more graceful and fulfilling.

My goal is to help you feel confident in your next audition tape and teach you the business know-how. My approach is holistic:

  • Guiding you in aligning your energy, your body, and your voice to the character/story

  • Teaching you the technical aspects of self-tapping, framing, editing

  • Train your script analysis instincts so you understand story-telling from the writer's point of view

Once I learned some key elements about the audition process I started always delivering a great tape that keeps getting me called back in. And I want to teach you just that!

If this all sounds fun, let's work together!



Referrals only!



How competitive is your package?

I review all of your materials. We look at your acting profiles on Actors Access, Casting Networks, etc. We discuss where you're at and next steps to take your career up a level.


agent/manager Submission

Ready for representation?

Let's go over your selected materials, create a target list of agents and managers, create a customized pitch-email highlighting all of your amazingness.



We'll break down the arch of the scenes together. We look over the film/TV show's genre, tone, pacing and make bold choices! We read the scene to get you prepared, comfortable and confident to tape!



You don't live in LA and just need a reader? I'll read with you via zoom while you tape in your own space. Coaching and feedback included. We'll look over the scene, practice pace, and beats.



Tape in person in my LA studio!

Coaching and feedback included. We'll tape your scenes, do your slate and full body. I'll edit your tapes and send them to you via WeTransfer.

You can also use the session to tape your slate-shots, accent clips, etc.

want ongoing coaching?

I love mentoring actors over time and seeing their growth. If you like a more comprehensive approach, here are all the different things we can work on during our sessions together:

  • Ongoing mindset practice

  • Accountability and goal-setting

  • Career coaching - let's build a 3-month plan

  • Self-tape clips and/or audition tape review

  • Demo Reel review/feedback

  • Rehearse a scene to tape for your Actors Access

  • Rehearse scenes for an upcoming booked project

  • General Acting practice/exercises

  • Script analysis

  • General Industry Q&A

  • Casting sites - review

  • Casting sites - first time set up (walk-through)

  • Building strong agent/manager relationship

  • Finding an agent/manager (writing pitch email)

book your session

Book 30 minutes


Best for co-stars (1-2 pages), small commercial auditions, follow-up/check-ins

book 60 minutes


Best for larger co-stars (3+ pages), guest stars and recurring guest (4-8 pages), for 8+ pages ask about 90min session availability


I'm here to help you have the best session possible. If you're not sure how much time you need, message me and we can figure it out.

You can reach me at

1. Send me an email introducing yourself

2. What kind of coaching are you looking for?

  • Audition: send me the sides, character/story/project breakdown, audition deadline, 3 options of times for when you'd like to coach, 3 options of times for when you'd like to tape

  • Career: tell me a bit about yourself and give me a little synopsis on what you're looking currently seeking guidance on (let me know if you want to join me for ongoing coaching or a 1-time coaching session)

3. I'll reply with availability/time options, if you like any of those, reply back to confirm and make payment before session.

ONE MORE NOTE: I'm a working actor! =] Therefore, I have my own auditions/self-tapes, meetings, bookings, etc. Flexibility is sometimes needed by both parties. Sessions may be subject to rescheduling if necessary. If I notify you that we need to reschedule, you'll be able to reschedule your session right away for another available time slot OR the right to save the session until you know when you'd like to use it at a future time. Sessions do not expire.

Here are some general housekeeping rules:

  • All coaching sessions are via zoom

  • In person tapping only available to referrals. No exceptions. If you have an actor friend who knows Taissa, then ask that friend to introduce you.

  • Disrespect and/or discrimination will never be tolerated. Taissa reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

  • All sales are final. No refunds. Rescheduling is always an option if communicated prior to your session and within reason.

  • Coaching with Taissa is not a promise or guarantee of anyone's immediate success in acquiring auditions, bookings and/or representation. All coaching sessions are Taissa's advice stemmed from professional knowledge and work experiences meant for educational purposes only.

  • Payment must be received at the time of booking. Please send payment using Venmo (@taissazveiter) or Zelle/PayPal ( Make sure to use the friends/family option.

  • If you confirm a booking and make payment, that will be confirmation that you've read and agreed to all the terms and rules on this page regarding the services.

Love taping with you and playing and getting your adjustments. You create a safe environment that makes me feel safe enough to try different things (and messing up the carpet) every time

Matt Gottlieb - NCIS: Hawai'i

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